Dilapidations & Lease Advice

Dilapidations advice is commonly sought from either a Landlord or a Tenant at the end of a commercial lease to understand the responsibilities and obligations of a Tenant in respect of returning the property to a Landlord in the condition required by the lease.

Building Surveyors Ltd have provided dilapidations services and lease advice for a wide range of Landlords and Tenants. Our experience working for both Landlord and Tenant provides us with the ability to understand matters from both a Landlords and Tenants perspective, placing us in a stronger position to negotiate.

What can we offer?

  • We can prepare an interim schedule of dilapidations (i.e. a document listing and costing repair works) for a Landlord or a Tenant.
  • We can prepare terminal schedules of dilapidations at the end of a lease.
  • We can negotiate a settlement on behalf of a Landlord or Tenant
  • We can specify and manage a dilapidation works project where required for either Landlord or Tenant.
  • We can provide strategic dilapidations lease advice at the outset of a lease being agreed so that either party are comfortable with what is being included within the lease and what is ultimately being agreed.

Building Surveyors Ltd have administered the Dilapidations on our property portfolio for over 5 years now. We trust the team who are very experienced in providing dilapidations and have consistently provided us with practical, honest advice

Andrew Creighton Gladman

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