Expert Witness

To meet the needs of solicitors (and individuals) and assist in the satisfactory resolution of building and property-related disputes, we have a number of senior staff who frequently work with solicitors and whom understand and appreciate the special requirements entailed.

An Expert Witness is a specialist in a specific field who provides assistance to the court, via their experience and knowledge in a legal dispute. Building Surveyors Ltd are regularly called upon as an Expert Witness with regard to civil proceedings involving property and constructions matters.


We will produce an independent and impartial report based on their findings and expertise of a particular issue or dispute. The report will document the facts and our expert opinion ensuring all relevant details are included.

Here at Building Surveyors Ltd, we have established links with legal practices and barrister’s chambers and regularly work with legal professionals on a variety of matters. Practical and pragmatic advice to clients and their advisors can in some cases help reach an agreement and settlement outside of the courts.

Our experience and knowledge of building surveying and understanding of construction law reinforces our ability to provide a seamless, independent and reliable service.

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