Accessibility Audits

The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. This legislation replaces and combines existing legislation focused around disability and other forms of discrimination.

In addition, the Building Regulations (legal requirements applicable to the time the building was constructed or altered thereafter) will also apply, covering strict requirements in respect of building accessibility.

Who Should Take Note?

Employers should ensure their buildings are accessible and appropriate for their employees and the Act allows for reasonable adjustments to be made to allow an employee to work.

Service providers, businesses and owners of buildings accessed by members of the public should ensure that their buildings are accessible to all and do not discriminate against a physical disability, impairment, health condition, age, race, gender, etc.

A key focus of the Equality Act is that reasonable measures are implemented to make a building accessible. It is not always possible, particularly for older or listed buildings, to have level access for instance, however it would be necessary to professionally determine this and review the reasonable options for improving the accessibility of the building.

Building Surveyors Ltd can undertake an accessibility audit of a building and its grounds which will include a review of the current measures in place and recommend any necessary improvements and recommendations in order to make a building accessible.

An accessibility audit is a legal requirement in order to justify the accessible approach taken with a building in order to demonstrate that the Equality Act and applicable Building Regulations have been considered and implemented.

We have completed this service for a wide range of clients including local housing authorities, councils and business providers.

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