Daylight and Sunlight Assessments

We have provided a number of daylight and sunlight assessments for proposed new buildings and conversions to aid with the planning process and to establish if a development will have a negative impact on the light for surrounding buildings and similarly, whether the rooms within a proposed development will gain enough daylight.

This assessment process is critical to justify and prove if a development complies with legislation and we can model a development and simulate sunlight patters to establish if the development passes or fails and where it satisfies legislative requirements and industry standards. We provide our findings within a comprehensive report and will include recommendations as to how an acceptable ‘pass’ calculation for daylight and sunlight values can be achieved, by incorporating design changes, additional windows and so on.

We have provided this service on a wide range of high profile development schemes in Newcastle upon Tyne and this has proven particularly relevant for large new build schemes and student accommodation developments.

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